Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Camino Song - Shepherd Show me How to Go

I was brought up on this song (see below), this hymn. As a child, I remember hearing my mother singing these lyrics as she lovingly ironed the family's clothes. Thank you Mother.

The image of sheep appealed to me and the idea of the kindly, brave shepherd caring for those sheep, was not lost on me.

This Christian Science hymn has given me strength over the years. At my wedding, decades ago, we chose to play a wonderful version (from a recording by Larry Groce). This hymn helped me through my Air Force Basic Training. I sang this song for my own children.

It still speaks to me.

And it will be my theme song as I walk the Camino to Santiago in April. "I will follow, and rejoice, all the rugged way..."


Shepherd, show me how to go

O'er the hillside steep,

How to gather, how to sow, —

How to feed Thy sheep;

I will listen for Thy voice,

Lest my footsteps stray;

I will follow and rejoice

All the rugged way.

Thou wilt bind the stubborn will,

Wound the callous breast,

Make self-righteousness be still,

Break earth's stupid rest.

Strangers on a barren shore,

Lab'ring long and lone,

We would enter by the door,

And Thou know'st Thine own;

So, when day grows dark and cold,

Tear or triumph harms,

Lead Thy lambkins to the fold,

Take them in Thine arms;

Feed the hungry, heal the heart,

Till the morning's beam;

White as wool, ere they depart,

Shepherd, wash them clean.

- Mary Baker Eddy

{Photo credit: ©2007 Amawalker (http://amawalker.blogspot.com)/ taken at Granón on September 3, 2007}


Amawalker said...

Hi Ginn,
The internet is an amazing tool! As soon as your blog page opened I recognized my picture of a shepherd with his sheep and sheepdog, taken Granón on 3rd September 2007! It was a warm day and we were looking out over the fields when the shepherd arrived. I took a few photos as he walked slowly by with his dog keeping an eye on the stragglers at the back.
I remembered this particular photograph because it was one that I offered to the CSJ in the UK for their 'Roads to Santiago' Spiritual Companion booklet.

Virginia said...

Guess I owe you a photo credit Sil! It is a lovely photo. I found it in our Spain file...
I loooove to see flocks of sheep and have many photos of them.

FYI 3 September is my birthday!

In Sunny Santa Fe

Darlene said...

Hi Ginn:
I walked the camino April 20 to May 22 07. You are in for an unforgettable experience. It snowed for me on May 1 as I walked into Burgos, so I would pack on the warm side. My sleeping bag was ok to 10 degrees celcius, so I sometimes needed my silk liner, and my long underwear, especially the night we slept outside under a veranda in Molineseca.
But pack as lightly as you can - my pack was about 34 pounds when I climbed over the Pyrennees from St Jean, and I had to dump some stuff - it ended up being 30 lbs - still too heavy, but I managed.
Good luck, and Buen Camino.

Virginia said...

Hello Darlene - Thanks for the advice. I read that last spring was especially wet and cold. I am delaying on some of my gear decisions until closer to April when I hope to get a better idea of the weather I might expect. Spring is such an erratic season!

I would love to hear more about your adventure! I can't wait to begin - the wait is like being prgnant and waiting to give birth!

Life is good...


Felipe Castro said...

Virginia, 40 days is more than it is usually needed for the Roncesvalles-Compostela walking. Perhaps you may consider going all the way up to Finisterre.
I did the camino (well, part of it) in mid-April 2008. It is not too crowded from Roncesvalles to Burgos -just the people needed to have some company and good talking. Beyond Burgos you will never walk alone. And most people go just from Sarria to Santiago (last 120 km), so it will be quite busy in May, when you will be arriving
Anyway, buen Camino!

Virginia said...

Felipe - thanks for the feedback. Yes, I may go on to the end of the earth - and if I still have time I plan to while away a day or two in Madrid before I come back to the USA and face the job hunt!

I can't wait to begin...drop me a note if you have more advice about travel during April and May (rain, temperatures, etc...).

Life is good.


Felipe Castro said...

It seems that we are in "Crazy Weather Century", but anyway, for what it may be worth: first weeks of April 2008 we had temperatures from 4 to 12 C, going up slowly (and unevenly) as the month got older. It rained almost every day in the evenings, so the paths were REALLY muddy. Also, there was a chilly wind...but it will be sunny and warm when you arrive at Compostela.
Ah, going to the Camino!....maybe I will be back in 2011.
best regards

Virginia said...

Slogging through mud...what fun!

I am postponing decisions regarding some of my gear until closer to me departure ... I will check the weather forecasts and try to moderate my choices accordingly. But no matter what, I will survive and have stories to share!

Life is good...

Sippin' Tinto & Dreamin' of Spain