Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Snails, Trombones, Village Headmen...

Outside snow is blowing and temperatures are dropping. Who cares? I am cozy and warm by the fire. I am curled up with a good book and a cup of tea.

The past few months I have been hungry to read about the Camino. The local library has few resources.

Yes they have the Shirley MacLaine book and the P. Coelho book. I mentioned reading these books on a pilgrim news group and several veteran pilgrims told me in no uncertain terms to drop those books immediately. (I did not follow their advise, but I must admit having completed them, I would not recommend either book.)

Since the local library cannot accommodate my Camino reading list, I posted it on my BookMooch page (check out www.BookMooch.com - you'll be glad you did!) and on my Amazon Wish List. As a result, I recently received "Pilgrim Snail, Busking to Santiago" by Ben Nimmo.

While I would not recommend it, I am enjoying the lighthearted approach Nimmo takes.

The real reason behind reading this book is that Nimmo plays trombone. His Camino begins at Canterbury and ends 9 months later in Santiago. He takes every opportunity to play his trombone to collect money for two charities.

My oldest sister is a "trombonista" so when I saw this book , I knew I had to read it.

My sister decided when she was around 50 that she needed to play her trombone and dance - life is too short to waste time at dull occupations. So after years of working in the field of law, she actually joined the circus band. Yep, the circus band!

J. travels all over the place making life brighter for everyone she meets - everywhere from St Petersberg to the French Embassy in DC to New Zealand, she wails on her red trombone.

So on this wintry winter day, I am reading about life of a trombone player on the Camino and alternately thinking about my wonderful, happy, delightful, brave sister. She is a great role model and a tough act to follow.

Another day I will tell you about my brother, the village headman in a small African village and my other sister, an energetic and accomplished belly dancer who started her dance career after the age of 50...I'm the baby...makes me wonder what crazy pursuit I will take up in the future!

Life is good...
{Photo credit: @ Virginia J. Pulver, Santa Fe 2009}


Teri said...


Thank you for the kind note you left on my Camino website. I wish you the best on your journey.

Your story is a beautiful one.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions at all.

Anonymous said...

Paulo Coelho and Shirley McClaine are awful books indeed!

Note: it is Coelho not Coehlo

Teri said...

Gin - I have several books. Let me get a list to you. I'll be happy to lend them.

Drop Coehelo (sp) a note on his website, letting him know you're going - he'll write back to you :)