Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Teflon Trousers!

Yes, I purchased Teflon trousers.

It makes me laugh to say it aloud. Teflon trousers. Am I hot stuff in my Teflon trousers?

They weigh nothing, they dry quickly, they never wrinkle, ... how could I resist?

These days, travelling light influences my choices.

In my "real" life I am a fan of cotton, but having some life experience has taught me that cotton is not the choice of a wise packer.

I spent the weekend weighing things. While weight is not the only consideration, it is certainly a factor in some of my choices as I prepare for this long walk across northern Spain.

When it is finally time to make the final cut, weight may be the deciding factor, but then again, it may not be the ultimate consideration. Interesting how packing decisions can be so telling about one's values and beliefs.

In my mind a pilgrimage involves simply setting out with what you have and following your heart, not your head, as you take each step forward. There is a huge element of trust (or faith) implied in the decision to call this long, lovely walk a pilgrimage. It is not about equipment and gear.

So I am inclined to just step out with the clothes I have...just be who I am and move out proudly and make do.

Henry David Thoreau said we should "...beware of all enterprises that require a new set of clothes." A wise and witty man, worthy of listening to. His advice is good...but I bought the Teflon trousers anyway...

Life is good - but far too busy these days. More later...


Amawalker said...

You go girl! Choosing and discarding items of clothing are part of the fun.
One of the most discarded items on the camino is trousers! Shirly Maclaine describes in her book how she kept finding them under bushes, discarded on benches, left behind in shelters along the camino. (2nd most discarded item - books. Everyone thinks they;ll read one and then it becomes a burden.)
Go with no preconceived ideas Gin. Travel light - leave material and psychological baggage behind.
Pilgrim hugs,

Virginia said...

Sil - I get a vivid picture of what the Santa Fe Trail was like...pioneers discarding unneccessary items and lightening their loads as they headed west.

I like to travel light. When we went to Peace Corps it was amazing, amusing (and laughable) to observe all the crazy things people insisted they cold not live without.

My travel mantra is: "there is laundry soap and places to shop almost anywhere I am going!"

My foolish Teflon trousers by day and a polyester pair at for the top half of my body.

I do worry about erratic spring weather - snow, rain, and/or heat and high humidity are all possible. But, in the end, I know I will have what I need. And I will have a tale to tell.

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