Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Gathering of American Pilgrims on the Camino

I am processing. Unfortunately I must go to the office today and fain interest in all the urgent (if not so important) events going on there. But I know I will be preoccupied.

What is on my mind? I spent the last several days as an apprentice among a gathering of an amazing group of veterans of the Camino. It was a rich experience to attend the Annual Gathering of the American Pilgrims of the Camino (APOC).

I learned so much and laughed so brain is full now and so, happily, is my heart. I am as engorged spiritually as one might feel physically after the all-American Thanksgiving feast!

I must ready myself to go back into the mundane world, but I hope to revisit this topic within a few days. For now I will simply say a big thank you to all those generous pilgrims who came together to share this Walk in the Spirit. It was a miracle of love. I am grateful for everyone who came and opened their hearts - I am enriched and joyful...

Life is very good...


CarolineMathieson said...

Hmm, you make me wish I could have been there! Alas, it's a bit too expensive to travel from the UK to the US right now. Maybe next year?

Laura said...

I meant to comment before on your backpack dilemma. It sounds like your REI pack is a lot like mine(brand and size). I bought a stuff sack (not a compression sack) at REI--for something like $8. After a few practice sessions I mastered rolling my sleeping bag to fit the sack and was able to cram the sack down into the bottom of my wee pack (30 l.)They have different sizes/dimensions of the sacks. This might not work for you but maybe you could give it a go. good luck.

Virginia said...

Laura - tthanks for the suggestions. This weekend I plan to work with my packing list and see just what I can do. I got some great ideas at the Gathering (yes Caroline, you would have enjoyed it!) so we shall see.

I am glad to have a small pack that wieghs so little. I don't need much physical baggage and certainly NO emotional baggage! 8-)

In Sunny Santa Fe