Thursday, April 16, 2009

Making My List, Checking it Twice...

I am sipping coffee (see my most-appropriate mug in the photo!) on this fine Thursday morning. I am also happily compiling bits of Camino information into my sturdy yellow-paged notebook, the notebooks that will travel with me for my 40 days of walking.

When I originally developed schemes for making this Camino adventure a reality, I had planned to have days and days to accomplish this pleasant task. I had planned to spend Jan-mid-April as a lady of liesure. But human plans frequently go awry or are discarded in the face of unexpected events. I ended up spending the last few months "pinch-hitting" at the office where I was formerly a VISTA. I was needed, in the absence of someone who had a family emergency. Thus my dreams of leisurely hours to plot and plan and consider all the myriad details of my trip, were reduced significantly.

So in the end, here I am, just days before departure, planning my tentative itinerary.

Of course it will be fine. I am not one who ever rigidly follows a plan. Planning is just an illusion of control.

Planning is a pleasant occupation and I recommend it as a mind-expanding exercise. It is like a mental exploration, an opportunity to determine what is really important and of value. Implementing the plan is not half as important as the planning. So, while my planning has taken a backseat to life, I am happily planning now. Tuesday was my last day in the rat-race of office demands.

I hope to post a tentative itinerary and my modest packing list. I have read so many Camino packing lists and itineraries over the past year and they never fail to move me.

I love to think of each individual as they make the hundreds of small decisions that lead up to their ultimate packing list. It is even more delightful to see post-Camino packing lists with a lessons-learned narrative included. The "what would I do differently" issue.

Perusing itineraries is engaging too. I read recommendations and mentally file them away.

I suspect, I will happily mull over all the recommendations and opinions I have garnered and then, I will follow my heart as I make my daily decisions on how far to walk, where to stay. This is kind of how I have lived my life - observing people, asking questions, considering opinions and then following my own heart and frequently making my own path or setting my own pace.

So check back later for a post that includes a packing list (with weights) and perhaps a list of potential stopping places.

Today I shall enjoy the planning and the coffee (in my cheerful Espana cup!).

Next Thursday, I may well be trekking my way down the Pyrenees and on my way into Pamplona.

We shall see!


Johnnie Walker said...

Hi Ginn

I'm off to Espana today to walk the Camino Ingles - I should arrive in Santiago on Thursday. I'll think of you at the beginning of the jounrey to that place.

BUEN CAMINO peregrina



Felipe Castro said...

I suppose you are packing, checking (again!) your stuff one last time, saying goodbye to family and friends...leaving to the Camino is such a great moment! And the weather people, it seems, announces a sunny day at Roncesvalles, next Thursday!
Buen camino, peregrina!