Saturday, April 04, 2009

There is Nothing I Would Rather Do...

Happy details are all I have left before I begin my Camino adventure. Less than 2 weeks to go before the sojourn commences.

Today I plan to order some Euros. When the rubber meets the runway in Madrid, I will already have local currency. This is my first experience with Euros.

I notified my bank of my travel plans and opened a small account which I can access with an ATM card. My spouse will transfer cash into my account as needed. This is my plan to avoid losing my shirt if someone somehow absconds with my VISA card.

Another pleasant task I will undertake today involves sewing a Camino patch onto my backpack.

I pick up my phrase book and practice my Spanish on the dog. She cocks her head, then looks away.

My tiny pack and spartan contents are all patiently waiting to be of service.

I am ready. I am simply biding my time. I am trying to stay in the now. I am frequently and uncharacteristically quiet because all I want to talk about is the impending trip. I try to spare my friends and coworkers.

My Camino thoughts preoccupy me - many opportunities to practice living in the now. I am reminded of wonderfully simple affirmations shared by Arthur Paul Boers (at the Gathering of American Pilgrims on the Camino): There is no place I would rather be. There is no one I would rather be with. There is nothing else I would rather do.

I am grateful that there are several major work-related projects to occupy my mind before I check out of this life and immerse myself in the pilgrimage. And in my free time, I am finding small, pleasant Camino-related tasks to occupy my head and hands. The affirmations run through my subconscious. I smile. My breathing slows.

I am ready. I am happy.

Life is good...


Amawalker said...

Hiya Ginn,
You could also use a travel wallet (like a debit card) that you put euros into at home. You can use it to purchase goods, stay in hotels, withdraw money at ATMs etc., and, it is cheaper than a credit card because the money is already in euros.
Keep a few shiny 5c coins for your scrap book - they have the Santiago cathedral on the back and make nice little momentos.
Just a few more sleeps now!
un abrazo peregrina,

Virginia ("Ginn") said...

I am not familiar with this term "travel wallet", but what I have is a VISA debit. That allows me to withdraw money or stay in Hotels. My spouse can easily transfer Euros to it. It should be easier and safer than in the olden days...this technology is great!

I am happy to have some actual cash in my pockets too - for he routine, day-to-day requirments. I imagine a cafe con leche will be among the first things I use my Euros for.

Thanks for the word on the 5c coins...may use those as souvenirs for the grandkids, etc.

In Windy Santa Fe, Staying Indoors

Johnniewalker said...

Golly Ginn - the excitement is mounting! I can feel your enthusiasm from what you write. Isn't anticipation good :) The reality will be fabulous, I'm sure - Buen Camino!


Virginia ("Ginn") said...

Yes, yes, yes! I am on my way (figuratively, I have been on my way since I had the courage to say, this is something I want to do and I will do it)!

I depart the USA in under 2 2 weeks I will probably be on a bus heading toward Pamplona.

With Easter Sunday coming up, the sense of resurrection dominates - and expresses how I feel about the nature of this walk.

Thanks for sharing and letting me share my enthusiasm and eagerness.

Life is good...

In Sunny Santa Fe

MermaidLilli said...

You think you're talking "camino" now.... wait 'til you get back with your camino tales.
I asked my daughter once as I was about to tell her another story if she is bored with my incessant camino talk and she said, "not yet".
I just can't help it!!
May you have a lovely Camino.

Virginia ("Ginn") said...

Post-Camino tales...ohhhh yeah. I have an idea how that might be. Coming home from Peace Corps (Ukraine) with sooooo much to share and after living 27 months in a Russian-speaking community, I was eager jus to speak to someone who would understand me and respond to me!

Life is good...and keeps getting better!

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