Thursday, June 04, 2009

...And Give Us Our Daily BED...Home at Last!

Yes, this pilgrim is at home at last! There's no place like home (as Dorothy says, in "The Wizard of Oz".)

After (about) 40 days of waking up in a different bed every day, I am so very grateful to be home again at last. It is also quite wonderful to wake to the sound of birdsong. On the Camino, one does NOT need an alarm clock since many of the early risers are up and about in the dark, pre-dawn hours, under the glow of a headlamp, organizing their possessions for the long daily trek - all those rustling plastic bags and the stage whispers and banging doors are a fact of life and an opportunity for a pilgrim to consider what the phrase "character-building" means.

So, this morning, at home in my happy nest, I luxuriate in clean sheets, quiet, and the joys of sharing life with with my loving spouse and our beloved pet.

After six weeks of living a very public life (with people 24/7) it is a delight to really relax. After so many days of dealing with ambiguity and the challenges of accomplishing the simplest of things (finding a bed, a meal, washing clothes by hand, communicating in a variety of languages and across cultural boundaries, etc) I find myself being very thankful for the gift of a home.

In the next few days, I will transcribe my Camino notes and post my observations and ruminations here. The hamster-wheel in my head is spinning wildly as I contemplate and process the experiences of the last weeks.

Stay tuned...

Peregrina Pulver
Back in Sunny Santa Fe

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Anonymous said...

Virginia, we are eagerly anticipating more stories. It is so good to know that you filfilled your dream and are now home. We love you, Mom & Dad