Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Day 8 - Los Arcos - Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Villamayor de Monjardin -> Los Arcos = 11.9K (635.8K to go!)

The guidebooks says carry plenty of water for this stretch of the road. . The elevation charts indicate a significant descent too.

The reality is, the path is not such a challenge. This kind of thing is not unusual in life is it? We hear rumors and have expectations, we anticipate and fret and then it is all for naught.

Rese and I continued to walk together and share stories. We also sang and laughed a lot. Her travel plans allow her to take a leisurely approach to her nightly destination. She basically travels from one village to the next. My schedule is more limited, but I am taking it a bit easy (my knee) for a few days. It is lovely to have a companionable person to share the adventure with for a while.

People say, on the Camino, you are never really alone. It is true, you can always walk with someone, if you choose to, and you can also walk alone if you wish. At day’s end there are other pilgrims at the albergues so finding a companion is feasible. Finding quiet is too.

We walk through wheat fields and asparagus crops and hills covered with conifers. It is lovely.

The municipal albergue in Los Arcos is large and efficient. It is just past the old town, near the river.

We spend some lazy, quiet afternoon hours soaking up the spring sun and resting our weary bodies in the lovely Plaza Mayor. The church dominates the plaza. It is a Romanesque style and there is a Gothic tower and cloister.

A French woman drives into the plaza with her team and sporting dog. I take photos and chat with her. I enjoy contact with the horses and the dog – I miss my own sweet dog. Her husband is walking the camino, she is driving the team and meeting him at places along the way.

We dine at a local restaurant where my main course on the pilgrim menu is translated as “Pig Face”. My dining companions laugh and after my meal is delivered they concur that perhaps it is not the face, but something considerable lower on the pig’s body.

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