Friday, July 03, 2009

Day 38 - Ribadiso - Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Palas de Rei -> Ribadiso = 27K (40.7K to Santiago)

My daily walk is done.

The sky is blue. There is a fine breeze. I have showered, washed my hair and my clothes and it is already dry. I spent an hour online. I sat on the riverbank and chatted with a Frenchman whom I have seen frequently on my pilgrimage. Now I am soaking up sun, sitting by the river and watching the nearby cattle. Many pilgrims are stretched out on the lush grass, sunning, chatting, relaxing. This rural albergue is a delightful place to stay. The atmosphere and facilities make me think of summer camp.

I had a hard time getting started this morning. Snoring (like sea lions fighting!) and farting were issues. I was up at 0700 and gone by 0715. My plan was for a shorter walk actually. I had hoped to stay in Melide tonight. The city is renowned for its octopus (pulpo) and I wanted to have a leisurely evening meal of it. I also wanted to shop for some clothes to wear to the Pilgrim mass when I arrive in Santiago. (I’ve worn the same clothes almost every day and they are worn, faded, and make me feel like a street person when I am in an urban setting.) Unfortunately the albergue there was unexpectedly closed. So, I had to continue on.

My left calf smarts with every step so the rest of the walk was painful.

As I watch the sun set, many pilgrims have adjourned to a local bar to watch an important soccer event (Manchester versus Barcelona). I enjoy the sweet evening air. The quiet is punctuated with frequent cheers from the soccer fans huddled around the TV set. Barcelona wins, there are fireworks outside.

I have enjoyed my stay at this albergue.

Things I saw as I walked today:
o Tall, narrow drying sheds – What are they?
o Pilgrims walking back from Santiago – an older woman and her dog.
o Villagers. I wish to trade lives with them: stay put and befriend passers-by.
o Comments (envious and/or impressed)on my small pack -I’m grateful for my tiny load.
o Cows coming home along the river banks
o Fish leaping from the water at sunset.

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