Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Clip Joint!

I spent the weekend clipping tags, cutting off buttons, etc. Every ounce counts. I shaved off 5 ounces off a 10-ounce windbreaker and several ounces off my sleeping bag and other items.
Laugh if you will, but 4 ounces is a tube of toothpaste...a couple pairs if silk sock-liners...a scarf...toilet paper...
Small things count - whoever said "don't sweat the small stuff" was probably not a backpacker!
See the photo to view my cumulative pile. I will post the weight collectively when I am finished with this project.
Of course, I am shaving off small amounts of weight yet, I am very likely to bring along some items others will find frivolous.
This exercise is kind of like drinking a diet Coke and eating a Snicker bar at the same time.
It is all about trade offs.
I will take a few frivilous items on my journey - a small, yellow rubber duck will probably travel with me...that is a story for another day.
Life is good...take it light! 8-)

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Luiza said...

Hi Ginn,

Your pack weight will level out as you go along the way. A too heavy pack as a pilgrim starts the camino is the norm. Discarding 'stuff' along the way is equated with getting rid of the baggage we carry in life. In 2002 my pack was at a good pack weight by Pamplona (from SJPP).

Snip and cut but not too much ....