Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Spiritual Preparations...

There is never enough time to simply reflect on the joys and the abundance of life. In fact, for me, the camino offers a welcome opportunity to simply think. The chief distractions along the way are the most routine demands of life.

During this stage of my preparations, I am reading Mary Baker Eddy’s Science and Health with Keys to the Scriptures. (Some people give up something for Lent - I am taking on something instead - yes, this is my morning reading for the next 40 days!)
The familiar texts take on a fresh meaning in light of my upcoming walk. There will be ample opportunities on this walk to demonstrate the truths I have learned from this textbook.

I had hoped to carry this book with me on my adventure, but it seems wisest to leave it behind. Perhaps I will tuck it in at the last minute (it wieghs in at 20 ounces) – I can always leave it behind at some stage of the trip. Some eager student of life or avid reader would benefit from the surprise of finding this book.

Even if the book stays safely at home, I will carry the lessons I have learned from Mrs. Eddy’s writings. They will make my footsteps light and buoy my thought.

In packing light, one makes their values evident by the choices one makes.

Life is good…

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