Friday, February 20, 2009

The Camino - Walking Through Cancer

If you are a reader of things-Santiago, start looking for a brand now book by Elyn Aviva. E. has several excellent Camino books already in print (see a couple in the photo).

The latest book should be available later this month. I hope to get a copy and indulge myself in a good read-fest.

Interested? Start Googling:

Walking Through Cancer - A Pilgrimage of Gratitude on the Way of St. James
by Elyn Aviva

Of course the title appeals to me; I have dedicated my own upcoming Camino as a pilgrimage of gratitude and of course that is the title of this blog too. What a lovely coincidence! Gratitude is a key element in my life. It is something my mother nurtured in me. And it is a legacy for which I am, well, yes, very grateful.

I am eager to read Elyn's story. Though I did not walk through cancer on the Camino, I walked through cancer. And soon I will walk the Camino. It is a walk of gratitude.

One of the many things I am grateful for in my own life involves an opportunity for growth. Yes, there is a cancer story in my own life. When that creature reared its ugly head I was amazed at how I responded. Even more amazing to me is how this experience turned into an opportunity. I learned so much about my own character and my values. I learned about taking risks and so much more.

I rarely speak of cancer. It does not define me.
It is merely one of the stones on the rocky, uphill path of life. And, like most people, there are other stones. But, my life is filled with blessings and I am too busy joyfully singing my thanks and expressing my enthusiasm that I don't notice. (FYI: That singing - metaphorical only...I am an enthusiastic singer, but not gifted!)
Remember the fairy tale about the princess and the pea? I assure you, I would not be noticing that pea! Life is just so full of wonder and adventure - no time or tolerance for complacency or people who live in the shadow of fear or cling to bitterness.

On that note, I will conclude this hasty, rambling, free-form post by saying (you guessed it!) I am grateful for all those pilgrims who share their lessons and lives in books and blogs.
Thank you Elyn - I look forward to reading your story...

Life is good...

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