Sunday, October 11, 2009

Flea-Market Finds

These are a few recent flea-market finds. Today the lovely silver, handcrafted shell found me as I was wandering back to my car when the flea market was closing down. The delightful shell called out to me. Because it was day's end the artist who made it gave me an excellent bargain. I plan to find a black band and wear it around my neck. I have a tiny sterling milagro shaped like a leg. I will tuck it behind the shell and have a very special souvenir.

The tiny pewter salt cellars delight me too. I found them a few weeks ago at the same market and once again they were a real bargain and mean so much to me. The napkin rings are living a full, rich life on our kitchen table - they were $1 each.

Tuesday, I have the opportunity to speak to a group about my Camino adventure. This will be my first talk about this very personal advneture. Funny, I have no problem with public speaking, but I feel a bit shy about speaking about this persoanl pilgrimage.

I still have not posted my packing list to this blog. Perhaps after I speak to the group I mentioned above, I will feel motivated to post some more of my thoughts on this poor neglected blog.

We shall see...


Caminante said...

I found your blog again via Johnnie Walker (in July my cat stepped on the return key and deleted my entire folder of URLs!) so can go back and read how your pilgrimage went. I did think of you but couldn't remember the name of your blog!

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Sounds almost like some of the places through which one walks (Ciraqui).

Virginia ("Ginn") said...

I've hit the ground running since my return home from the nurturing, demanding, days on the Camino. I hope to post my packing list and info on the places I stayed...someday...maybe soon...

The lessons of my Camino are slowly unfolding and giving me strength. The challenges of life as I knew it continue to pull at me. Changes afoot? Maybe. Happy? Yes.